NTFS Undelete



One last hope for recovering lost files


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NTFS Undelete is a free application that lets you recover lost files that you may have deleted in error from your harddrive.

It comes in three different forms: an installation package that you can use to recover files stored in a different unit from that of the system, an ISO-formatted image that you can burn onto a CD or DVD that will then execute the NTFS Undelete application, and a ZIP archive that contains some portable executables from the program that can be initiated from an removable unit.

When using NTFS Undelete, it is recommended to save your recovered files in a different place than they were originally, because recovering the files may sometimes damage the originals that were lost.

NTFS Undelete supports the use of file masks to accelerate the file search, and comes with an advanced search mode that allows you to filter the results within certain parameters (file size, date of creation, etc).
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